Thursday, September 19, 2013

Free Website Marketing Tips

Internet marketing isn't as complicated as the so called marketing gurus would like you to think. I would like to clear up some of the fog for you.

First of all you need to have a web page that is optimized so that the search engines will understand the kind of information you have on that page. It needs to be focused toward an end. (give information, get information, sell something... etc.). In internet marketing we call that focus "keywords" because that is what people type into search engines to find your page.

The example I'm going to use is the focus for the below page. My keyword is "Free Internet Marketing Tips". To optimize a page, that keyword (Free Internet Marketing Tips) needs to be on that page several times. You will notice "Free Internet Marketing Tips" in several places on this page within the content, as part of the page Title, in the table "summary", in the "alt" tag of the graphic on this page, in the meta tags, in the content title and at the bottom of the page. It is also used in a number of links I have as part of the navigation of this site.

Next you need to have that page linked from other sites, that way other people can find you from other sites and hopefully from the search engines. The search engines won't list that page unless it is linked from somewhere else no matter how many times you submit that page to search engines. That's why the internet is called the world wide web. It is important to use that same keyword in the title text of the link that goes to your site, like this: Free Internet Marketing Tips, as well as the the alt tag of that link. A good description aids in categorizing the page and adds value to the link, as well as producing some traffic from the link itself. The more links you have designed this way, the better your chance of getting that keyword listed high in the search engines.

Now, how do you get those links?

There are several ways:
- You can exchange links with other sites. Just be sure that those links are on pages that are in the same category as your keyword, anything else has little value, and if there are links of many categories on an uncategorized page it has no value at all.
- You can pay for links using the same information as above.
- That is your only choices

At this point let me dispel some internet marketing guru myths.

1. PR (page rank) is important - This is a Google invention that was useful several years ago but is nearly meaningless today. The only real measure of page rank is whether it is near the beginning of the search engine results when you type in the keyword.

2. Cached pages are necessary - This only means that the search engine recently sent traffic to that page using some search term. All internet pages are indexed by the search engines unless they are on pages that are eliminated by the designer (frames, robots.txt....etc).

3. Links from link farms are harmfull - Links from what is called linked farms won't hurt you, they just don't have any value.

4. Links from home pages are the only ones that count - Absolutely false. If that page isn't within your category it has no more value than any other page that is outside your category.

5. Three way link exchanges work to fool the search engines because they don't like reciprocal exchanges - Ridiculous. Links are necessary...this is the world wide web!! Relevance is the only measuring standard.

6. Multiple links from the same domain are harmful - Wrong, relevance is the only measuring standard. I have been on the internet since 1996 and have seen a lot of marketing changes. The search engines have improved to the point that you can pretty well find what you are looking for using the right keywords, and most of the changes that have taken place have migrated to one main concept. **Relevance is KING**

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